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Specialists in Flat Roofs in Bristol, Cheltenham and the South West

Prestige Home Improvements are specialists in the installation, repair and replacement of flat roof systems. Our team is experienced with all types of flat roofs including EPDM, GRP, single-ply and traditional felt. Whether you require a small rip repaired or the entire roof replaced, we welcome jobs of any size throughout the South West. Based in Gloucester, our company regularly undertakes projects in the nearby areas of Bristol and Cheltenham.


We have been specialising in flat roofs for many years and provide a personable and professional service. Call us today for a free visit and quotation without obligation.


Flat Roof Replacement


If you suspect there is a significant problem with your roof, a complete replacement is often the best and most cost-effective way to avoid major roofing repairs being needed again in the future. Roofs are essential for protecting your home and investing in a new system will offer long-lasting protection and value to your property. Here at Prestige Home Improvements, we have an excellent history of fitting flat roofs for homeowners in Gloucester and the surrounding Bristol and Cheltenham areas.


We supply and install the following systems:


EPDM Rubber


EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer which is a type of synthetic rubber. EPDM roofing comes in large rolls that can be quickly installed in one complete layer, to create a seamless finish with no joins. Due to its rubber qualities, this type of flat roofing is incredibly flexible, as well as strong, lightweight and resistant. As approved Firestone suppliers and installers, we use their latest EPDM systems which can last up to 50 years.


GRP Fibreglass


Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is an innovative system used for flat roofs, which was first introduced to the UK in the 1940s where it was widely used for boats. It is made from polyester resin and chopped strand mat glass fibres, which are bonded to produce a lightweight yet extremely durable material. GRP is 100% watertight and similar to EPDM, offers a seamless finish. It fairs better than EPDM for more complicated flat roof designs.


Single-Ply Membrane


We recommend single-ply membrane systems for clients in Bristol and the wider South West areas, who are after a practically maintenance-free flat roof option. If on the rare occasion a leak is found, it is easy to find and repair it. Single-ply roofing is made from one layer of waterproof membrane that is flexible, lightweight and UV resistant. It is ideal for large areas, as separate sheets can be heat welded to form a 100% watertight seal.


Traditional Felt


Felt has been used for flat roofs for decades and is the most affordable flat roofing system available. Although there are modern variations, the traditional felt flat roof remains a popular option for many. The roof is covered with a base material made from felt, with a layer of roof shingles spread over the top to protect it. Felt roofs are quick to install and cost effective, but require quite a bit of maintenance and must be checked regularly.


For more information on flat roof replacements or to arrange for a quotation, please get in touch. We offer free callouts to clients in and around Gloucester, Bristol and Cheltenham.


Flat Roofing Repairs


Flat roofs are not flat but actually slightly sloped for drainage purposes, usually at around 10 degrees. They are level enough though to make them safer and easier to complete repairs on them, than pitched roof alternatives. For our customers, this means you can benefit from our fast maintenance and repair services, with minimal disruption to your daily schedule.


In most cases the reasons for roofing repairs is obvious but in other cases harder to spot. Whatever the problem, our experienced team will be able to identify it quickly through and thorough inspection of the roof. Once the route cause has been established we’ll provide a no-obligation quotation, with no pressure put on the customer. Our company believes in an honest service and we never quote for work that isn’t required or recommended.


For repairs or replacements of flat roofs, call Prestige Home Improvements FREE on 0800 191 0603. We cover Bristol, Cheltenham and all surrounding locations.

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